Triple Play Pay is a platform built by developers for the modern developer. With Triple Play Pay, you can enjoy managing just one single interface for all things payments. Utilize our documentation for an easy integration experience.

Who do we serve?

Our platform is designed to serve independent software vendors (ISVs) and their diverse range of clients across various industries, including restaurants, hospitals, retail, and more. Whether you're an ISV serving the medical industry or providing solutions to retail businesses or anywhere in between, Triple Play Pay is here to support you.

View client and merchant FAQs here.

**By using Triple Play Pay developer tools, you accept the Triple Play Pay Terms of Service.

Integration Overview


To get an API Key for utilization of our payment processing API, your organization must enroll as an ISV or as a merchant with Triple Play Pay.

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Developer Sandbox & Development Certificate

For smooth integration and stakeholder satisfaction, Triple Play Pay has built a quick certification process that utilizes a test API Key in our Sandbox environment to ensure that developers have the resources and know-how to properly utilize our endpoints, requests, and responses for successful transactions and user experiences.

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Partner Portal Guide

Planning on using our portal? The Partner Portal Guide is built to help partner-level ISVs and Agents understand workflows, processes, security, and customizations that are available to them and their merchants.

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Additional Platforms


For developers who prefer their native language or who don’t have a development app that converts calls to REST, we offer robust Software Development Kits (SDKs) in the following languages: Python, c#, Java, Javascript, PHP, Curl, Go.


Websockets can be used to allow real-time communication between a web browser (client) and a server. Once a connection is established, the client and server can communicate freely and continuously.

Our websocket is located at: wss://tripleplaypay.com/ws/api.

Example message: {:{parameter1:value, parameter2:value...}}


To integrate with Wordpress, the link below will guide you through installing WordPress plugins using the upload option in the admin area.

View the installation guide: Installation Guide


Great news! We’re open-source, open-discussion, and open for the success of organizations and developers everywhere.

In the GitHub Repository, you will find:

  • source files
  • release notes
  • the full OpenAPI SDK variety for download
GitHub Repository

In the GitHub Discussion, you will find:

  • sample code to help you with development
  • a place to ask questions
  • a place to share ideas
GitHub Discussion